Thursday, April 30, 2015

Blogpost 10 Globallization

Alejandro Camargo

Globalization is the movement and improvement of ideas and goods. People get ideas from other people and improve them.
Guns Germs and Steal is a perfect movie to reflect on globalization. The Spanish and Europeans brought their ideas to the Americas and here they improved them. Having the goods and resources are an essential part of innovating if you have to waste time looking for food and resources you can't have time to innovate.

Economic impact of Globalization:
  • Innovation leads to new products that means a better economic system with more movement.
  • It makes the Economic systems more effective.
  • There is technological advancements that help run the economic systems.

Cultural impact of Globalization:
  • Cultural mixes this makes a country more effective. It also leaves more variety.
  • There may be international cooperation to get new ideas and improve the world. So new countries become friends and cultures blend in.
  • It helps people get to know other cultures and other ideas and foods.

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