Thursday, May 14, 2015

Reflection Socratic Seminar Blogpost 11

Socratic Seminar Globalization

  1.  Some main ideas I am taking in away from the seminar were first of all that globalization can be good or bad, depending on your point of view. The second one is that globalization is helping economies and governments to exchange ideas easier this means there is more diversity.
  2. The most interesting idea I heard in the seminar was that people are not the only thing in this planet. There is also nature, and resources we are going to need in the future.
  3. I mostly disagreed with Leticia's comment on that oil multinationals care a lot about the oil spills and the environment. The truth is that they don't care they just care about money not the planet. That is why governments should make their laws harsher.
  4. I think I did a good job. I prepared well had good questions and good points of view. I contributed to the discussion and always cited and supported what I said with evidence.
  5. I think article number one was better and talked more about globalization because it had an overview of every good thing from globalization not about just one part like the second article did. It was straight and clear and easy to understand. It covered everything.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Blogpost 10 Globallization

Alejandro Camargo

Globalization is the movement and improvement of ideas and goods. People get ideas from other people and improve them.
Guns Germs and Steal is a perfect movie to reflect on globalization. The Spanish and Europeans brought their ideas to the Americas and here they improved them. Having the goods and resources are an essential part of innovating if you have to waste time looking for food and resources you can't have time to innovate.

Economic impact of Globalization:
  • Innovation leads to new products that means a better economic system with more movement.
  • It makes the Economic systems more effective.
  • There is technological advancements that help run the economic systems.

Cultural impact of Globalization:
  • Cultural mixes this makes a country more effective. It also leaves more variety.
  • There may be international cooperation to get new ideas and improve the world. So new countries become friends and cultures blend in.
  • It helps people get to know other cultures and other ideas and foods.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Blogpost #9

Privilege and Preference Test Reflection
Alejandro Camargo
January, 15/2015

       After a lot of discussion in class I thought about what would I choose men or women but I did not no which one I was biased to. So I took the test of gender in the Understanding Prejudice webpage. After the long hard test with some thinking time required the results were that I slightly prefer female with career an male with family. I thought that I matched better Males with career and Females so I was very surprised by the results. Finally I feel comfortable with my results because they say that I am not very biased to one side just a little bit.