Monday, November 24, 2014

Socratic Seminar Reflexion #2

Socratic Seminar #2
Alejandro Camargo
Main Ideas
  • The Chinese Government is slowly banishing the one child rule.
  • Modi is trying to join religion with health advancements.
  • Modi is comparing Indian healthcare with a lot of years ago.
Most Interesting Fact
  • The most interesting fact that I heard in the discussion was the point of how the overpopulation is affecting the world to much.
  • A point that I disagreed with in the socratic seminar was Daniel's point of the environment, he said that the Buddists should be en charge of the nature but I did not think this would solve the question we were asking.
  • If I would be grading I would out for me a 3.75. I would put a 3.75 because I feel that I participated, asked questions, say my point of view, and more.  I would not put a four because I could have participated a little bit more and be more in topic. 

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