Saturday, October 25, 2014

Civilization Essay

Alejandro Camargo
             In the past week we have been looking at early civilizations and we have been doing projects about them. This time we had to chose two different civilizations and compare and contrast them. I chose The Harapan and the Ancient Egypt civilisations. The both civilizations have some things in common and somethings that are totally different. For example the Harapan's religion was Hinduism and later turned to Buddhism and the Ancient Egypt's believed in several different gods and in the sacred book.

             Somethings that could have caused conflict between this two civilizations is religion. Religion could cause conflict because some people could think that everybody has to follow the Ancient Egyptian gods if not it was illegal or the other way around. This could cause a lot of fighting and problems between the two civilizations. Another factor that could have caused conflict is land. Land for this civilizations is very important. Even if they were far away they could go to win more territory, that would be another factor. 

              What could cause cooperation between this to civilizations is the Ancient Egypt's invention of papyrus paper and the Harapan's invention of the accurate measuring system so they could change and cooperate together. Also like the both civilizations are located in different places they could exchange the different crops. Another thing that can cause cooperation is having the river near because they will never fight for water.

               I think that this two civilizations were big and important in the world at that time. If they would cooperate together they would be even better and bigger. But in the other hand if they decide to not help each other and start being rude to each other there would be a conflict and a fight between the two civilizations that could end up with the both of them very bad and not with the things they had then. I really liked studying about the early civilizations and watching the videos. But my favourite thing about this whole unit was learning about what each civilization invented.

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