Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Socratric Seminar Reflexion

Socratic Seminar
Alejandro Camargo
Main Ideas
1. The literacy rate in Pakistan is very low.
2. The government has to act quickly so there is a good future for the country.
3. Pakistan is in a complicated position because it has a lot of intern and outer problems including this one

Most Interesting Fact
  • For me the most interesting fact was the drop of the number of students enrolled in schools between Elementary and Middle School.
  • I disagreed with Asall's statement because the government has to solve all the problems and not wait because the others will grow more.
  • I would put for me a 3.75 because I participated and asked questions. I noticed that I could have contributed more to the discussion. That is why I think I should get a 3.75.

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