Thursday, August 21, 2014

My Geography blog post

My Geography blog post
August, 21/2014

1.    I live in Bogota in a crowded apartment. In the city there are a lot of buildings and roads. There are a lot of people in the streets and also cars. Near were I live there are some parks with a to of trees and rivers in them.

2.   Bogota's precise location is 4.5981° N, 74.0758° W. Bogota's general location is Colombia and South America.  You can describe your general location looking at other parts of Colombia and then describe them all together.

3.   Colombia has in common to other countries in South America that it has rain forest and it has in common the culture because most people in Colombia and some countries in South America have the same religion, eat the same things, play the same sports. Another reason that we have in common with some countries in South America is that we have an awesome soccer team.

4.   The Migration to Colombia has affected us in having more people with no job, making a
our carson footprint bigger, and new ideas have affected our government.

5.   Colombia has changed in some ways due to human influence. Like before our cities weren't so big and didn't require so many jobs and left less carbon footprint. I think that it is possible to make people change because they try to get new jobs. Also people are trying to reduce our impact on the planet so they try to adapt to using less water, less electricity, etc...

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